Use Case

A-AUTO 50 is available for the following applications .

Automatic execution schedule a batch job for backup

As an example , suppose you are running a backup for batch jobs , such as the following manually .

Overview of batch job

  • Batch A(Daily):Batch job for the differential backup to run at 21:00 every business day.
  • Batch B(Weekly):Batch job for a full backup to run every Friday.
  • Batch C(Monthly):Batch job for a full backup to run every month last business day.
    * Weekly backups and monthly backups, run after the daily backup was successful.
    * If the weekly backups and monthly backups are made ​​on the same day, run only the monthly backup, weekly backup is not executed.

In such a case, the system administrator should not be without having to wait until execution time.
Also, if you manually running the batch job, it also considered the following problems.

  • After a successful confirmation of the daily backup , it is necessary to run a weekly backup and monthly backup.
  • If Friday was a holiday on the calendar, it must offset the run before business day. There is a possibility of causing a work leakage.
  • If the final business day was a Friday, it runs a monthly backup. In addition, weekly backup is not executed. There is a possibility that the wrong batch to be executed.

The solution according to A-AUTO 50
By using A-AUTO 50, it is scheduled batch jobs to automatically perform, and can solve the above problems.

In this example, it is the following settings.

  • Setting of the preceding relationship between jobs
    The A-AUTO 50, and sets the precedence relation between jobs (* between networks), when the job executed previously failed, it can be controlled so as not to operate the subsequent jobs.
  • Setting of the shift pattern ( shift of the execution date by the holiday )
    In A-AUTO 50, if pre-set processing day was a holiday, you can be set How shifting the processing date.
  • Setting the final date ( specified processing date )
    In A-AUTO 50, to assign automatically the last day of each month, you can specify that ” the last day of the month ” as the processing day.
  • Setting exclusive schedule
    In A-AUTO 50, you can specify a schedule condition that you do not want to be processed.

*The A-AUTO, set the precedence relation to units called ” network ” that summarizes the job.

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Elimination of operational risk that is processed using the Task Scheduler or cron

The job has been performed using the Windows Task Scheduler and Linux cron, do not feel the risk, such as the following ?

  • Risk in terms of audit trail
    Leaving no trail log . Registration or change of job information , the execution of the job.
  • Detection delay risk of business abnormality
    It is not possible to bird’s-eye grasp the processing status of the job to be run on multiple computers.It is necessary to check the status by logging every single computer, delayed detection of abnormal occurrence.
  • Risk of job overtaking
    There is a risk , such as the following for the trigger is only time for execution
    · Prerequisite job is not completed successfully
    ・ Input data is not created
  • Risk of check leakage and adjust leakage of schedule
    Can not be confirmed in the list a job scheduled to run on the day.
    Since not be carried out schedule based on the holiday calendar, there is a need to be adjusted manually.There is a possibility that the adjustment leaks.
  • Processing cooperation spanning the computer
    In the Task Scheduler or cron, it can not be performed control across computer.

A-AUTO 50 is a tool that can be used free of charge as of the task scheduler or cron.
Further avoid the risk described above, providing the stable operation.

  • Audit trail log also can respond to internal control
    You can see the “master maintenance trail” and “legitimacy of the execution order of the job” in the log.You can confirm “when, who, what” and “how the job was when moving”.

Security Log

  • Notify the job of abnormal termination to the administrator
    Notify the job of abnormal termination to the administrator.
    For preset critical business, and notifies detects the sign of a problem.
    “Start delay” , “End delay” , “program loop”


  • No business overtaking
    Of course, to run the job to maintain the prior relationship between the day of the job. Further, using its own operational concept schedule date, it also ensures that control of the multi-day job.
  • And automatically generating a schedule conscious holiday of using multiple calendars.
    The automatic generation of the execution schedule, adjust the schedule date by refer the holiday calendar.
    * If the processing date is a holiday, shifted in automatically the day before or at a later date schedule
  • Automatic cooperation the job across multiple computers
    It is available by connecting multiple remote license to one of the basic license.This way, it can be to execute a job across the computer.
    You can centrally manage the job to run on Windows and Linux multiple computers.

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Run the job automatically detects the file creation and update

It can be automatically run the event-driven job the execution timing not decided.
For example , “data that is file transfer is it run the process when you arrive.

It will trigger a variety of events that occur even on a computer other than the file event.
Event log monitoring , log file monitoring , the process of completion monitoring …

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Job of abnormal termination or processing delays and program loop to automatically detect

Start delay of the online service must be avoided.

Delay of discovery it will complicate the recovery.
Job abnormal termination and , detect the start ( end ) delay of critical job early.
By detecting the excess processing time , reducing the operational burden.


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Execution of the repeated jobs at regular intervals

For example , EC site will accept orders 24 hours .
In such a case, the dispatch processing associated with the order is what you want to do at any time .
The A-AUTO 50, since also possible to execute the job at regular intervals , it is possible to cause it repetitively executes the order processing of the new order amount at 1 minute intervals .

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