6.2 What to do if the network has been queued

If the deletion target network has been queued, it is not possible to delete a network.
In this case, it is necessary to cancel a “network that is queued”.


Here, the described cancellation procedure.

Click on the “Base Monitoring” in the “User defined setting” of the main screen upper left, Show the Application Monitor screen.


Check the check box of “CHKNET04″ of Network Monitoring.
Select the “Cancel” from the pull-down menu, please click on the Execute button.


When you click the Execute button, it is displayed cancellation dialog.
Click the Execute button.


When you click the Execute button, the following dialog is displayed.
Click the OK button to send the command.


After the command processing is completed, “status” of the network is updated to “Canceld in Queue”.

* CHKNET01, CHKNET02, CHKNET03 also it will cancel all if it is queued.