5.5. Display the monitoring data

Perform a file transfer request for monitoring.
※ The default setting is done in the automatic file transfer to 8:40 every day,
For this reason, after installation you will need to manually file transfer

(1) Click the “Network Monitor” menu icon in the upper-right of Application Monitor screen.
⇒ “Network monitoring” Menu is displayed

(2) Select “File Transfer” at the top of the pull-down menu, and click the Execute button.

Application Monitor2

(3) “File Transfer log list” screen is displayed.
Click the “File Transfer” button.

Application Monitor3

(4) “File Transfer Request” dialog is displayed.
As it is Click the Execute button.

Application Monitor4

(5) Check the following
– That the file transfer is complete.
– “File Transfer log list” that history data is added to the screen.
– Make sure that the file transfer status is “valid”.

Application Monitor5

(6) Close the “File Transfer log list”, and back to Application Monitor screen.
-> Make sure that the network is displayed in the network monitoring.
* re-drawing of the screen within one minute the longest is done automatically.

Application Monitor6

(7) Click on the chart of menu.
flowchart is displayed on “network monitoring List Chart”

Application Monitor7