2.1 Creating operational account

You create an account for the installation and operation.
* Please be in Administrators permissions operational account that you create.
* It is also possible to account use of existing Administrator authority

Login environment at the time of installation will have a domain environment and the local computer, but I recommend the “local computer” for the following reasons.

  1. The installer silently install PostgreSQL.At the same time, it will account “postgres” additional for PostgreSQL.
    The password for this account, created with 8 characters, including small and large alphanumeric and symbols and numerals.
    For this reason, there is a possibility that the conflict with the security policy in your domain environment.
  2. PostgreSQL installer it was confirmed that there is a case that does not work properly in a domain environment.


* To view the “User Accounts” screen
(1) “Ctrl”+”R”key. show the “Run” dialog box.
(2) input “control userpasswords2″.