Function of A-AUTO 50


Flexible definition of job activation conditions

In A-AUTO, grouping the job in units called ” network “. Then , you register the prerequisites needed to run the network.
“Starting time”,” preceding job “,” file creation / update trigger “,such as “Running Computer”, you can define the start conditions necessary for automatic execution.
It can be fully automated from arrival detection of the data until the job execution.


Schedule management

Regular schedule, such as daily, weekly, monthly, of course, you can create a variety of schedule, such as the following.

  • Free to set the holiday by using a multiple – user calendar
  • The reference date using the realization of ” running day schedule “
  • Automatic adjustment when processing scheduled date coincided with a holiday


Job scheduling

It realizes the job scheduling by combining the following elements.
“Starting condition of the job ” , ” schedule of pattern” , ” multiple calendars ”

A-AUTO be fully automated by associating a start-up conditions and schedule condition of the job.

  • The network is to manage the job of starting conditions
  • The Schedule is to manage the schedule conditions

It is possible to freely add or delete scheduled in future
It is also possible to change the “job start-up conditions” for each schedule date.


Secure job management using the concept of “Schedule date”

Features of A-AUTO 50. There is a date concept of “Operation Date” and “schedule date”.The concept of this date, will have a very important role in order to reliably perform the daily batch job.

Each processing that has been scheduled, will be executed as processing of “Schedule date”.
If the “Schedule date” is different the same job name is treated as a separate job.
In other words, the different jobs of the “Schedule date”, run the today after completing the past of job execution job.
A-AUTO 50 is to ensure that automatic execution of the batch job by utilizing the concept of a “scheduled date”.

Operation data&Schedule Date

Job monitoring

“Now, executing job exist?”, “Abnormal end jobs exist?”, And “waiting job exist?”
You can easily check the execution status of a job.
Also, you notice an abnormality of the job to the user.
For example, “abnormal termination”, “start and end delay critical job”


Audit trail

* Operation authority setting of master information
It is possible to limit the master operations (add, update, delete) for each user ID.
Only users who have permission are available master operation.


* Audit trail log
You can collect all the operation history for the master file of A-AUTO 50 as a log.
For this reason, you can see that, such as the following from later.
“Who”, “when”, “what”

Security Log2