About Job scheduler

What is a Job management system ? / What is a job scheduler ?

The job management is what has the function of controlling the time and the order in which you want to run one of the work (the job).

For example, payroll data amount and the number of jobs is enormous. A great deal of effort and cost it takes to do this work manually. In addition, there is a risk to induce human error.The obtained effects such as less using the job management tools ( job scheduler) to control such a process.

  • Realize the centralized management of the job by the automatic operation
  • Business proceeds smoothly
  • To reduce the labor costs , as well as IT costs

We call a system that has the following features such as a job scheduler (job management system).

  • To automatically create long-term schedule to run the job
  • By defining the relationship between the time and the preceding operations to be performed to ensure control of the execution of the job
  • We want to visually monitor and notify the execution state of the job
  • Accumulate a log of the execution track record


Example: comparison of before and after the job management tool introduced

What is a job ?

The job is the unit of work to be processed on a computer.
The job it is different from the program. The summarizes the units meaningful as work together multiple programs.
Batch file or shell script is the one job.In many cases, it has the meaning of a business by combining multiple jobs.


Example: Job to run on the payroll