About A-AUTO 50


“A-AUTO” is a job management tool that runs on a variety of platforms. From informational systems to mission-critical systems, you can build a job scheduling that does not stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
By automating the job operation, you can to achieve the elimination of various IT costs and human error, centralized management of the job.

Yunirita is that it also be automated small-scale systems in the enterprise, in order to achieve stable operation, was so available at no charge the A-AUTO as a small application version of ” A-AUTO 50 “.

A-AUTO will Resolve

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■Main functions of The A-AUTO 50

Flexible definition of job activation conditions Schedule management Job scheduling
A job to run a batch job is grouped in units of network ID, you can manage the start-up conditions required to run.
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A schedule for the job automatic execution You can manage visual operability.
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“Starting condition of the job” ” Calendar ” ” schedule pattern”, to realize a job scheduling and a combination of these.
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Secure job management using the concept of “Schedule date” Job monitoring Audit trail
In A-AUTO, as a feature of the job execution control, we have the concept of the date referred to as ” Operation Date ” and ” schedule date”.
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“Now, something that a running ? “, “I want to see the normal ending list”, “the rest of the job ?” And the like, you can grasp a simple operation the necessary information in the field of operation.
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You can limit the operation for various master file of A-AUTO for each user ID.
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■Main features of The A-AUTO 50

  1. Feature 1

    Automation of small-scale tasks

    The A-AUTO 50 can be applied to small-scale operations, involving up to 50 jobs.
    * In fact, you can use the network is a unit of schedule and execution control of A-AUTO up to 50 network.
    In addition, a work to be used in the event linkage facility available up to 50 work.

  2. Feature 2

    No limitation on software licenses

    To enable our customers to automate all the small systems they have, we place no restriction on the number of user licenses. A-AUTO can be applied to as many small systems as needed.
    * Each license covers up to fifty jobs.

  3. Feature 3

    User support

    We provide a special community website for the users of A-AUTO, where they can share their knowledge about it.
    If you want to know more about the A-AUTO, please refer to the following.

  4. Feature 4

    Full functionality same as the paid-for version

    All the functions provided with the paid-for version of “A-AUTO” are available in the A-AUTO 50, so that the tool can be stably operated in small-business applications.

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■Notes on use

Please use Agree to the license that is displayed during installation .

  1. Notes 1

    A combination of a paid license and free license

    It is not possible to use a combination of paid version A-AUTO monitor and free version A-REMOTE.

  2. Notes 2

    Use of optional features

    In A-AUTO 50, use of the optional features are not supported. If you want to use the optional feature, you must have paid license.

  3. Notes 3

    About support

    In UNIRITA Support Center, we do not accept inquiries about A-AUTO 50.
    Questions about how to use the ”A-AUTO 50”, please use the community website.

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