About A-AUTO 50 (Old)

A-AUTO is designed to automate schedules for running jobs and to control the execution of batch jobs. Its use has eliminated inefficiency in operational work, prevented human errors, and reduced costs. Moreover, it has eliminated the need for working during weekends and late at night, successfully transforming the way of working. With such excellent effectiveness, it has come to be widely used in various sectors, such as finance, distribution, and manufacturing, as well as in data centers and foreign firms, for more than thirty years.

Many businesses have systems so small that they have not yet been automated. For such businesses, UNIRITA realizes stable operation by automation also to these small-scale uses, and in order to support the change of the further work style of people engaged in system management, it offers A-AUTO free for small-scale uses.

Main features of The A-AUTO 50

    1. Automation of small-scale tasks
      The A-AUTO 50 can be applied to small-scale operations, involving up to 50 jobs.
    2. Full functionality same as the paid-for version
      All the functions provided with the paid-for version of “A-AUTO” are available in the A-AUTO 50, so that the tool can be stably operated in small-business applications.
    3. No limitation on software licenses
      To enable our customers to automate all the small systems they have, we place no restriction on the number of user licenses. A-AUTO can be applied to as many small systems as needed. Each license covers up to fifty jobs.
    4. User support
      We provide a special community website for the users of A-AUTO, where they can share their knowledge about it.